Carbonel (carbonel) wrote in handspinning,

Washing fleece

So I washed my first fleece.

I have a dark-brown half-fleece that I got at Shepherd's Harvest that may have been skirted, I'm not sure, but is definitely filthy. But before I tackle that, I wanted to practice.

I had two bags (3 ounces, at a guess), one each of black and white dirty fleece, that I bought at Shepherd's Harvest last year as practice items. (That's what the vendor was selling them as -- a way for newbies to experiment with raw fleece on the cheap.)

Both of them seem to have come out reasonably well, though I haven't tried doing any carding yet. But both of them, presumably because the fleeces were unskirted, have varying color issues. The white fleece has yellow-brown at the end of the locks, and the black has a lighter brown.

Are both of those because of sunlight, or did I just not get the white one clean enough?

And should I do anything about them, or just comb it all together? Advice appreciated.

(I did my first combing on Sunday, also -- a couple of ounces of haucaya alpaca fleece dyed a lovely aqua color. I'm about to ply it now.)
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