Carbonel (carbonel) wrote in handspinning,

Dyeing on short notice

Okay, it's not actually all that short a notice -- it's me failing to plan ahead.

In any case, I haven't ever done any dyeing of yarn or roving, but I have several things (four skeins of handspun sheep's wool, five ounces of silk top, and eight ounces of sheep's wool roving) that I'd like to dye, and the local spinning group is having a dye day on Sunday out at a member's farm.

Given that I'm a total newbie at this, I'm planning on going for the training-wheels version -- Kool-aid or Tulip-brand dyes from Michael's -- unless people really think that's a bad idea. (I'd go with Easter egg dyes if I could find them, but it's the wrong time of year.) I've done a bunch of reading online, but I still have a few questions.

1. Any idea how much Kool-aid I should use in a four-ounce squeeze bottle? (And where can I find said bottles locally if I don't buy a Tulip tie-dye kit?)

2. Should I soak the wool and roving in vinegar water before dyeing? Or water plus a bit of detergent? Or not at all?

3. Will saturating the roving and then letting it dry change the texture at all?

4. Any particular recommendations for silk?

Does anyone have any other advice? I'd appreciate the benefit of your experience.
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