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Some thoughts on cleaning fleece

1. Sheep poop is nowhere near as hot-water-soluble (or even hot-water-and-soap-soluble) as one might have expected.

2. Despite this, it's the ground-in vegetable matter that is the hardest thing to deal with.

Which brings me to my question: Is there any reasonable way to remove ground-in VM from locks of fleece? The dirt comes out in washing, and the sheep poop can be dealt with, but I have these locks of lovely Finn fleece that are full of smallish flecks of straw and what-all. I mean, seriously ground in. I tried carding the locks, and a lot of the foreign material fell out, and the rolags didn't look too bad, but when I spun them up, the single has visible bits of stuff in it. It just aggregates, I guess.

At this point, I'm going to finish spinning up what I carded, just as a learning experience, but I've got another pound or so of this stuff, and I was wondering if there's anything to be done with the locks with the ground-in VM. (I have no idea what this particular sheep had been doing.) Otherwise, I'll pull out the small percentage of locks that are clean and just card and spin those.

(If I could, I'd post pictures, but the camera app in my iPhone seems to have decided to stop working properly.)
Tags: carding, sheep & wool, washing fleece
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