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Yellow fleece?

I discovered a bag of fleece in my garage. It must have been one that I got from my friend-of-a-friend who raises Suffolk lambs for eating. I suspect that it's ram's fleece, and it has to have been in the garage for a couple of years. (I've since received several other bags and spun the contents of some of those up; it makes a nice lofty springy yarn when carded and spun woolen.)

This particular fleece was rather yellow when I took it out of the bag, and I assumed the yellow was old lanolin and would wash out. But when I washed it, the yellow remained.

It's actually a rather nice sunny yellow; the picture below doesn't do it justice. The yellow goes about two-thirds deep in the fleece, with the last third still being white. I assume that when I spin it, I'll get a yellow-and-white heathery effect. It's too evenly distributed to be sheep's urine, unless the sheep were extremely assiduous about spreading it -- also, the fleece isn't that stinky.

Any idea what could have caused it? And is it anything I need to worry about for the long term?

Tags: fiber prep, washing fleece
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