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Tour de Fleece 2012

I have successfully completed my Tour de Fleece project! Last year, I had those three bags of dirty Suffolk fleece that turned into two bags of skirted and (eventually) washed fleece. It was about half white and half gray, and I sorted it into two bags. I finished the white fleece over rather a while, but the gray fleece I decided to do as my TdF project. I started it the day after TdF started, and finished plying the last skein on Saturday morning.

Here's the bag that used to be full -- it's about three feet high:

bag of fleece

And here's the 15 skeins of hand-carded, long-draw-spun yarn that resulted. My goal was worsted weight, and I think I did fairly well in achieving it.

15 skeins

And here's a closeup of one representative skein.

1 skein close-up
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