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I'm taking a "SpinU" class (12-weeks!) at my LYS (Purlescence Yarns). It's been pretty awesome so far, and we're learning a lot of technical details to help make our spinning consistent. Things like:
* ergonomics on spinning & plying
* why fulling isn't always necessary
* what washing your finished skein actually does
* when to over spin / over ply -- WHY and for WHAT garments you would use that for (like socks)
* how balanced yarn isn't always what you need for certain knitted garments
* how different wheels spin differently and how to use different wheels -- double drive, scotch tension, etc.
* making cable plys
* spinning chunky yarn
* spinning art yarn (thick/thin)
* using carded / combed / top prep -- and how to use cards, combs, and drumcarders.
* etc. etc.

It's the "2nd trimester", and I've learned a lot. I thought I was a decent spinner before, but this is changing the way I think about spinning -- being more conscientious about it. The cost of the class ($300+) was a teeny bit pricey for me (at least I thought it was), but the amount of stuff I'm learning...AND the amount of time being spent in class (2-3 hours every week for 12 weeks) AND the 1-1 help we're getting from the teacher...is absolutely priceless and worth the money.

Here's a sample of the homework from the 2nd trimester.

From this:

to 3oz of singles

SpinU Homework - Week 5 Homework

to the finished skein.

Worsted Weight 3-ply. I "think" its about 120 yards?
Spin U - Week 5 Splying

And here's a 3-2 cable ply:
SpinU Week 5 Plying
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