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Cat fur spinning

My parents' cat, Pud, is a beautiful black born-in-a-barn-but-now-living-indoors cat with long silky fur. (She and her two sisters were rescued by my sister after the mother cat was run over by a car. One kitten died, my sister kept one, and my mom took one.) The other day I started petting her with a Love Glove grooming mitt, and got enough loose fur to make me think, hmm, maybe I could spin this. I have been petting her with the mitt about every 2-3 days since, and getting a good amount of fur, and it holds together nicely in small amounts, but I don't yet have enough worth spinning, so I'll have to keep doing the grooming every so often until I do.

So, my question is, do I have to comb/card this, if it's coming off on a grooming mitt? I've always worked with commercial roving before (I've never been in a place where I've felt comfortable having a bag of raw fleece around) and so it comes pre-carded. If so, would a flick-carder or a couple of small-dog brushes be the best bet due to the fineness of the fur?
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